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Tim Kucharzewski

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Tim Kucharzewski was born in Cologne, Germany and is currently a Ph.D. candiate in the field of historic conflict studies at the University of Potsdam, supervised by the renowned Prof. Sönke Neitzel. Besides his academic research work he also gives professional seminars on the topics of democracy, parliament, the European Union and other at institutions like the parliament of Brandenburg.

The lion´s share of these seminars is directed at adolescents and young adults. He has also supervised international language school groups, which were likewise provided for this target audience, and worked at various conferences and trade fairs.

Tim wrote his Masters’ thesis on the topic “The Inhuman Condition. Systematic Terror in Military Campaigns” in “Military Studies” also at the University of Potsdam. Before that he received his degree in History and Anglistics/Americanistics at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn. He contributed to public academic lecture series, has been awarded scholarships from the EU and spoke on BBC World Radio about Security Politics and Dealing with the Past. Already during his schooldays he organized charity concerts for Mali, Africa. At a student congress in Nice in 2014 he won an award for rhetoric, handed over by the ICC president Sang-Hyun Song.

During his academic career he time and again engaged with the concepts of terror, political violence, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the way they are dealt with in the aftermath. His research and studies of these concepts have brought him to post-conflict regions, conferences and seminars around the world, including the former Yugoslavia, Georgia and the Ukraine.

After a large student congress in Bucharest in 2013, he developed an interest in the country and its history. He recognized a great motivation for political activity among the young people there, which often seemed to get to little encouragement.

Tim's areas of expertise

Democracy, both its technical and its more philosophical side, is the main topic that Tim tries to educate school aged children and adolescents about.

The technical side revolves around the “how”, practical issues like how to vote, how representative democracy functions, what a parliament does, how citizens can participate.

The more philosophical side addressed the “why”, why we have relative freedoms and not absolute freedom, why your freedom ends where your neighbours begins, why minority rights must be respected and why a social discourse with different opinions is of the utmost importance.

For a student of history in Germany, totalitarian regimes and dictatorships demand peculiar attention. The German nation has suffered under regimes from both ends of the political spectrum, the extreme right and the extreme left. To really fundamentally understand the value and paramountcy of democracy, it is necessary to be aware of the tragedies of its absence.

Tim has been tackling the conundrums and questions related to this topic from his schooldays onwards. Since then he has visited and studied lots of countries who have shed their long standing dictatorships and tried – with various degrees of success – to embrace democracy.

Terror and Terrorism as a form of political violence, propaganda by deed and irregular warfare have been major topics in Tim´s work. He has penned his Bachelor thesis on the communication strategies of Al-qaida and the German Red Army Faction, worked in the field of cyberspace Terrorism-monitoring, wrote various texts on Terrorism and given presentations on this dramatic burden on world peace and stability.

Military campaigns or, more broadly speaking, wars and armed conflicts have been at the core of Tim´s work for several years. Even a brief glance at his Ph.D. and Master studies illustrates this.

Even though Tim has not served in any armed forces, the Military is not a mere theoretical concept for him. He has worked for the Centre for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr (ZMSBw) and provided empirical statistic research for the ministry of defense in which context he commanded four soldiers.

It is a common wisdom that researchers always research themselves. Tim has made his live-long hobby of video games a subject of his studies. He has given presentations on the relation of video games, War and Terrorism, wrote articles with these topics and is a member of an academic think-tank, called digital

Tim's latest activities

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