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Silvia-Lucretia Nicola

Further information regarding Silvia’s career and a more detailed CV can be found here. If you would like to know more about Silvia and her work for the project, we are looking forward to your message.



Silvia-Lucretia Nicola was born in Timisoara, Romania, in 1990. After attending two Romanian schools with German as the language of tuition – the  Nikolaus Lenau Lyzeum in Timisoara, and the  Samuel von Brukenthal Gymnasium in Sibiu – she moved to Germany for her university studies.

She studied Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin, and the University of  Granada in Spain. From the first semester onwards she focused on Peace and Conflict Studies. Only after she moved to Germany the prospect of a European comparison enabled her to fully appreciate the enormous importance of a substantiated way of dealing with the past and conflict transformation. These are the topics she dedicated her attention to during her masters’ degree course “Military Studies” at the university of Potsdam.

In addition to her studies, Silvia set a high value on combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience. During the past three years she worked on various development politics projects on Afghanistan on behalf of the GIZ and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore Silvia did not only contributed to the organisation and administration of seminars and programs but also participated herself at numerous workshops and advanced trainings on conflict transformation and reconciliation. She gained additional valuable experience in the realm of youth work as a travel assistant for the Pädagogischen Austauschdienst.  In this context she mentored student groups from many different countries (among them: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Mexico, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, The Republic of Moldova, Sweden, South-Africa, Turkey and Hungary).

Silvia's areas of experties

Conflict transformation is the core phenomenon, Silvia, has been focusing on for years. Based on her studies, Silvia, has a wide understanding of the field through combining political, social and historical perspectives and embedding them into the proper context.

She also wrote her Bachelor thesis on the topic of conflict transformation in Bahrain, looking at the conflict lines of the region. She has, thus, a very good understanding of the Middle East and Northern Africa region.

Furthermore, Silvia, took part in training seminars regarding conflict transformation in the Balkans and the Caucasus region.

Cloud 1 (5)Silvia dealt extensively with the topic of collective identities from a sociological point of view within her Master thesis, where she investigated, how a collective can consolidate itself througout time in order to enforce own interests.

She studied the region of Kurdistan in the north of Iraq into more detail.

At the same time, identity is a feature she dealt with also when working with conflict transformation, since identity and conflict are deeply interconnected. Not seldom can clashing identities or loyalties create escalating conflicts.

The world is moving! Many people are forced to leave their homes, being afraid of violent conflicts, wars and persecutions. They are either relocating inside the borders of the same country or seeking refuge far away from home.

But not only refugees are influencing migration flows. Other people are also on the move: artists, students, international workers or adventurers – overall in Europe in 2015 up to 38 million people!

As a student research assistant, Silvia is researching the migration movements of Afghans to Europe, more precise to Germany. She is particularly interested how migation and diasporas function. This study is part of the project “Aid, Minds, Hearts: A Longitudinal Study of Governance Interventions in Afghanistan”, conducted at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Silvia is working for over a year as a Policy Consultant for the enterprise eclareon in Berlin. She is the portfolio manager for Germany, Romania and the Republic of Moldova when it comes to questions around renewable energies, climate change and energy efficiency. If there is any legislative or political change within the electricity, heating and cooling or transportation sectors of these three countries, Silvia will know about it and will be able to help explain the new context.

Until now she has been writing assessment report on behalf of the European Commission, German Ministries or the European Climate Fond.

However, Silvia noticed some big discrepancies between Germany and Romania regarding both the level of information and civic education on environmental issues. There can be much more done to inform the youth and the population on how to protect our environment!

Regardless if still a school student or already a diplomat: Silvia knows how valueable exchanges are at all levels!

She first mentored student groups from many different countries, while working as an assistant for the promotion of the German language and culture on behalf of the German Pedagogical Exchange Service (among them: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Mexico, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, The Republic of Moldova, Sweden, South-Africa, Turkey and Hungary).

From coordinating youth exchanges, Silvia went further on in coordinating and organising even more complex exchanges for young diplomats, who were interested in learning more not only about Germany, but also about the European Union as a whole!

If you are planning an exchange on your own, Silvia will be more than happy to help!

Silvia's latest activities

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