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Welcome to Echoes of Silence!

Embedded within an initiative of the European Intercultural Forum, which aims to encourage young people to active social and political participation, we are planning a project in Romania on the topic of Dealing with the Past.

Dealing with the Past is a way of tackling and transforming conflicts or antagonisitic situations with a long and often complex past. It is a common wisdom that a country, which does not understand its history is condemned to repeat its past mistakes. This is especially important, if terrible wrong-doings have been committed.

Tragically the young generation sometimes exhibits a special unawareness of their countries’ past and the resulting responsibilities. We plan to change this!

Our main objective is to convey an enhanced historical consciousness to this young generation. The remembrance of past national crimes and atrocities permits the overcoming of propagandistic narratives of history. Such a mature way of dealing with the own national past can often function as a litmus test for a fully developed modern democracy.

If you want to find out, how we plan to tackle this issue visit our website and get to know the project, the team and the concept behind this initiative!

Should you have any additional questions regarding our project, or if you are interested in supporting us, we are looking forward to your mails, remarks and comments.

November 2019
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